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Meet: Trevis II, The Explorer Octopus.

This curious cephalopod is ready to journey anywhere to uncover the beauty of the world. From the depths of the ocean to the hottest deserts he'll go but no matter where he goes he's always freezing.  So he always needs to remember to bring his hat and gloves. There is one question though... What happened to Trevis the First?

This is Adopt and Octopus, where you can take home a collectible handmade figure. All of our octopi are hand-cast and painted with a matt finish. Every Octo comes with a box and an adoption certificate, each with their own story to tell. Add Trevis II to your collection today.

The Bois Collection - Trevis II Octopus

  • Your package will include:

    • 1x Handmade Octo
    • 1x Collection Box
    • 1x Adoption Certificate
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