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Meets: Shadow, The Keeper of the Mushrooms


Our Keeper Octopi are deeply connected to the natural world and possess an innate understanding of its delicate balance. In each of their roles, they are fiercely protective but their origins and age remain unknown, adding to the sense of wonder and curiosity surrounding them.


As the Keeper of the Mushrooms, Mushy embraces their role with utmost dedication. They ensure that the mushrooms receive the proper care, nurturing, and protection they need to flourish. They have a profound respect for these delicate organisms and the vital role they play.


This is Adopt and Octopus, where you can take home a collectible handmade figure. All of our octopi are hand-cast and painted with a matt finish. Every Octo comes with a box and an adoption certificate, each with their own story to tell. Add Mushy to your collection today.

The Keepers - Mushy Octopus

  • Your package will include:

    • 1x Handmade Octo
    • 1x Collection Box
    • 1x Adoption Certificate
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