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Meet: Carlos, The Dice Gremlin Octopus.


As a dice gremlin, Carlos is a huge fan of games but if he had to choose a favourite, it would definitely be dice. There's something so thrilling about rolling those little cubes and waiting to see what fate has in store for you. Once in his life, he'll stumble upon the perfect set of dice that captures his heart. When this happens, nothing will stop him from snatching them up and transforming himself to match their vibrant hues.

This is Adopt and Octopus, where you can take home a collectible handmade figure. All of our octopi are hand-cast and painted with a matt finish. Every Octo comes with a box and an adoption certificate, each with their own story to tell. Add Carlos to your collection today.

The Dice Gremlin Collection - Carlos

  • Your package will include:

    • 1x Handmade Octo
    • 1x Collection Box
    • 1x Adoption Certificate
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